Light Dinner and Drinks after Sit-Down Comedy

Friends invited me to a sit-down comedy or RAKUGO last night.

The photo places are located under the JR railroad.  All these small diners are inexpensive, casual and not sophisticated at all!

These are so-called B kyuh gourmet....meaning not A class.... B class....food or foodies.

I enjoy all aspects of Tokyo food scenes from A class famous places to these casual places.....in a way, these places are homey....it feels like this ambience could bring people closer...technically the places are pretty small and physically close, too!

The invite was available for two guests so I invited a friend of mine who is a professional translator.

Laughed a lot......I am not a connoisseur of RAKUGO, just enjoy it several times a year.   Four plus one warm-up comedians' story telling technique was exquisite.  I love all those storytellers' voice, change of tones, silly acts.....  RAKUGO encompasses our stupidity, vanity, empathy and express those in a funny stories...
and people in the stories are stupid, funny, but there is a kind of sense which accepts people just the way they are, sentiment which I feel people are losing lately.

After the show, we went to a small diner in this area and discussed it including our own stupid, sad, funny stories.    Good Saturday night.

Yurakucho--- Underpass Diners

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