Salmon and Vegetable cooked in Aluminum Foil

This is from the day before yesterday.

First, cook shredded carrot, radish w/ olive oil in a pan.

Use aluminum foil to wrap and steam.

Use them as bedding and put a piece of salmon fillet on it.  I used the leaves of the radish also ( green one ).

Make the sauce.  Two table spoon of miso, a table spoon of sugar and a spoonful sake ( or white wine ).  Mix them all.  Spread the sauce over the salmon.

Wrap them all in the foil and cover, close the edge.  

Pour about 2 cups of water in the pan.  Place the foiled salmon in there.
Cook the foil covered salmon and veggies in the pan for about 10
min. - 15 min.        Enjoy!

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