Yummy Yummy..... Soy Sauce Flavored Garlic Beef Rice !!!

garlic beef rice & watercress salad
Do you have a rice cooker?  I don't have one  .....I have awfully old one,but since it's too old, the rice gets a little soggy lately.

Therefore, I was going to buy new one, but before buying any, I started trying to use this earthen pot for rice cooker substitute.

Then.....it works just fine...... you cannot keep rice warm, but for cooking this is good enough..... rice tastes even better than rice cooker.

After cooking rice, I mixed some cooked beef meat into the rice..... seasoned with garlic... ( Yes, you put some oil in the pan and then sliced garlic..... then after browning the garlic, add chopped beef.  When you put out the fire, pour a table spoonful soy sauce....) Yummy!

The salad is easy one.   Chop watercress and place it into the salad bowl.  Add some tomato.....

As you can see, not so traditional.  Just a fusion type of home cooking..... using some left over meat.

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