White Day

It's been a while since I wrote last time.   Apology for long silence.

I've been busy..... and then hay fever.  This year's cedar pollen is terrible.. 5 or 6 times of average year, I heard.

Anyways, have you heard of White Day?  On Valentine's day, you give chocolates to your love, husband, friends.

White day is the day those people give you something sweets in return.

I didn't give these people anything...... these are the mothers who I am teaching..... their daughters used to be my students, yet for them, coming all the way to my area is such a burden.....yes, mothers have to take two trains with them.

I suggested them to take local lessons so that they can be exposed to English more often and with less burden.  In order to avoid hurting children's feelings, mothers and I decided to have a meeting.  I visited their places and explained the situation to those children.   Thanks to nice mothers, they gave me these sweets.

The bigger box has cookies, baked sweets etc.  The small square box has so called " Guimauve", which is French..... similar to marshmallow, but guimauve uses fruit juice and texture is moist.

Currently, 50% or more of my work is teaching.   I had never thought that I would teach English to people, yet this is such a learning opportunity.  I learn a lot from students, people and get pleasant reward... I don't mean these sweets or materialistic reward, yet pleasure to learn, teach and see the happy faces of people, growth of children, adults, etc...etc......

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