Tofu Rice with Grated Ginger, Chopped Scallion, Grated Sesame and Bonito Flake

That bowl was Tofu Rice.

tofu, rice, chopped scallion, grated sesame, dried bonito flake, grated ginger and soy sauce.

1) Cook tofu in hot, boiled water till it's fully heated.
2) Rice doesn't have to be heated ( It needs to be cooked,but if it's cold, that's fine....ie) just take out from fridge )  Scoop the tofu and place on the rice.
3)  Put scallion, sesame, ginger and dried bonito flake on tofu.  ( sesame was not in the novel's recipe,but I found it's good ! )
4) Add some soy sauce.... ( I would put a teaspoonful first.  If you need some more, add some later, don't put too much before trying. )

Enjoy !

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