Fiesta Mexicana @ Aqua City, Odaiba

Mexican Music
 Visited my friend @ this festival yesterday.

Nice breeze from ocean.... Odaiba was newly developed in 1990s... before that, there was nothing, I think.

Business enterprises were invited to the area since then.

Now there are hotels, company offices museums, universities etc..... this shopping mall is big and similar to malls in the u.s.  You can spend a day there... movie theater, shopping, event like this.

This Mexican event, what I expected was, of course, good Mexican food and drink.
Unfortunately, the tacos, I tried was not so good.  ( This shop had almost no line, which explains.... there were long lines at other shops, but I was too hungry and couldn't wait.  ) So, had this guacamole, beer and then later, tequila and tonic soda.
Guacamole & Chips

Nice Sunday afternoon, it was nice to go out and visit somewhere totally different.

Lately, I had not gone out to places much, so I should do this kind of activity more often.

The weather is nicer now.... no more crazy heat.

It seems there is BILLS in this mall.

Should try it next time.



Anonymous said...

sorry the lunch was not so good,,you certainly have many choices to choose from.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

I need to have decent Mexican food soon !