Let's take enough time. Will try it again.

Sorry for the cancellation of the meetup event.   I wanted to try during this Golden Week ( Japanese long national holiday season), but it was not a good idea to plan it with such a short notice.

Plus, I trust the restaurant, but most of the first timers were wondering what kind of food and how many dishes would be served, yes of course.

They are generous, make delicious food, friendly service, but still , you want to know, that is natural.

I was away from the plat form for quite some time, so I should start from lunch or even breakfast .... small gathering and re-build trustworthy group again.

Wrote a message and sent out to the members this morning. 


Dinner Gathering @ Garden Kitchen Shonan Club

Dinner Gathering @ Shonan Club ( Garden Kitchen )

It has been a while since last time I organized the last meetup.

If you are free on May 4th, please come. 

Drinks are included ( all you can drink ) and you will enjoy the place food and meeting new people.   I hope!

Am going to check what kind of dishes they are planning.

Thanks for reading.  →    Sorry I cancelled the event.    It is such a short notice.
Let me rearrange it.