Natto & Kimchi Japanese & Korean Combination @ Sendai-ya Natto Atelier

Although I cannot cook these days, I have been eating, of course!

So, there are many pics.

Let me show you this rice bowl....with natto and kimchi.

I have introduced this natto ( fermented soy beans ) shop before, I think.

Sendai-ya is the name.   They used to locate near my place ,but moved to Ichiban-Gai ( 1st Avenue ) in Shimokitazawa.  http://www.sendainatto.jp/shoplist/#04

Now they have eat-in space.   Their specialty is a set menu, all natto you can eat.
You can try all kinds of natto with this set menu.   Basically rice and miso soup and then natto.   ( For me, though, 3 packs of natto is the max! )

The above photo is a rice bowl menu, which I tried the other day.

I love both natto and kimchi.    Yes, they are both smelly, fermented foods, which is supposed to be good for you in many ways, for your beauty, for cleansing your blood vessels..... I am not a nutrition specialist, so please google.

I always explain ...they are like..... blue cheese.    Tasty, yet smelly!

I felt full after eating this, ( I asked for small size rice, yet! ) still did not feel bad.

My excuse is...... it is healthy, good for me!   


Kumey's / Wine + Tea Cozy Wine Bar/ Restaurant across Kitazawa Post Office

 Haven't uploaded for a while.

Yes, I have been eating, thanks.   The reason I feel a little uncomfortable about writing this is...... have not been well organized.    My room is a bit messy..... actually quite messy.....   

Therefore, I haven't cooked much lately.   Oh well, started organizing gradually.....  little by little....  So, for a while, you will not see " home-cooking", ( although it is much more money-saving and healthier..... at the moment, I don't have a choice.    Trying not to stretch myself too much. )   Thanks for your understanding! 

So, let me introduce this tiny, yet cozy restaurant newly opened in Shimokitazawa.
Mr. Kumey used to work for ministries.... mainly for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.     Adding to that, he had some ( I won't go into too much personal information) experience of  that " good food / organic food works! ".

He quit the ministry and started working in private restaurants and then finally came to open this place.     You will enjoy glasses of selected good wines ( mainly Japanese and French ) and good food.    Good means tasty and delicious.

I tried their liver paste.   Yes, it is so nice.   Try it, please.   Their lunch sandwiches are also good deal.   I have not tried much of their dinner menu yet.    Will go back there soon.     If you share with friends / families, not too expensive, still if you are wine lover, not cheap.    You can party here with a group of friends or stop by for a glass of wine to refresh yourself before going home.