Tempura Lunch Box @ Tempura Yamanoue on 13F of Ginza Six

Ginza Six is a fancy shopping mall opened a year ago.

Not like other Tokyoites, lately I try to avoid crowds, long lines.  Therefore, this was the first time to visit this place.

Yes, this lunch box is a bit luxury for me, but this was special lunch gathering with some friends from the states.   Their tempura is famous, but for lunch, it is too pricey for me and we thought course menu would be too much for all of us.

Some of us ordered this lunch box menu, some others ordered tempura bowls.
Enjoyed this boxed food and the rice.   When the menu said Kakiage ( mixed tempura with seafood and vegetables ), I thought it would come separately, but instead it came mixed in rice as shown here.  ( Rice with fava beans and shrimp)

 This lacquer ware had so many small items.... trout, several kinds of seaweeds ( mozuku, hijiki etc. ),  egg roll, tuna etc......   delicately prepared and delicious.   Even after explained, when you pick the item with your chopsticks, there is some kind of excitement like " What is this!?  "

Enjoyed catching up with friends...... starting from how the work is going to US politics, trends etc...... 

We also enjoyed exploring the shops in here.    It was actually nicer than I thought.... expected all the expensive brand shops which I would not buy ( or I should say, I cannot afford!? ) .... but there were some nice gift shops especially carrying something good for gifts and souvenir from Japan.....plus some were reasonable enough.

I have some translation project during this Golden Week ( Japanese long holiday season from the end of April through first week of May ), but blocked this day to enjoy this precious time.

Once in a while, I need to relax and enjoy meeting friends....... w/ good food!