Natto- Fermented Soy Beans Sendai-Ya

Natto Set Menu
They used to be located near my place.    Now their shop is a little bigger with eat-in space.

Do you like natto?    Have you tried it?    I always say " it is like a kind of Japanese blue cheese."   Smelly, but healthy and tasty.  ( Tasty part is up to you...... )

They have several set menus and I tried all you can eat Natto Teishoku.  ( set menu)     Sesame natto and Edamame natto.    When I finished two packages of the mentioned natto, the lady came up to me and asked " a few more? "

I was already full.   Thank you.   Beans taste different here, I feel.
Better than regular one.   Of course. 

Look at this rice.    It was big enough.  ( For this a bowl of rice also, she asked me, " we can give you more if you like, is this enough?   ,,,,,,,  Am I a horse ?   :-) )

It comes with a fresh raw egg.  I cracked open the egg and mixed some into natto.    There is a bottle of soy sauce, but I prefer special sauce which comes in a small packet.      Less than 800 yen, I enjoyed healthy lunch.

They have other items such as the grilled salmon w/ natto etc....

It is on Ichibangai or 1st Avenue in Shimokitazawa now.