Thai Restaurant in Yoyogi / Minami-Shinjuku Somtum Der

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A little re-union with some friends of mine.     

Thanks to a Thailand connoisseur friend.   She booked this place for this gathering and the dishes were amazingly delicious!   

This dining is originally from Bangkok and then in New York they were selected by Michelin.

This was lunch set.   You can choose spiciness from 0 to 4 ( 4 is Thai Authentic Level) .  I made it 2 as a beginner..... I am modest !   :-)

The best was this salad called Somtum, papaya salad.    Crunchy, refreshing with lime juice.   Yum!      The dishes are great, but I enjoyed their lovely presentation and the decor as well.....

3 min. from both Yoyogi Station of JR or Minami-Shinjuku Station of Odakyu Line.
I have to go back there pretty soon.