Natto- Fermented Soy Beans Sendai-Ya

Natto Set Menu
They used to be located near my place.    Now their shop is a little bigger with eat-in space.

Do you like natto?    Have you tried it?    I always say " it is like a kind of Japanese blue cheese."   Smelly, but healthy and tasty.  ( Tasty part is up to you...... )

They have several set menus and I tried all you can eat Natto Teishoku.  ( set menu)     Sesame natto and Edamame natto.    When I finished two packages of the mentioned natto, the lady came up to me and asked " a few more? "

I was already full.   Thank you.   Beans taste different here, I feel.
Better than regular one.   Of course. 

Look at this rice.    It was big enough.  ( For this a bowl of rice also, she asked me, " we can give you more if you like, is this enough?   ,,,,,,,  Am I a horse ?   :-) )

It comes with a fresh raw egg.  I cracked open the egg and mixed some into natto.    There is a bottle of soy sauce, but I prefer special sauce which comes in a small packet.      Less than 800 yen, I enjoyed healthy lunch.

They have other items such as the grilled salmon w/ natto etc....

It is on Ichibangai or 1st Avenue in Shimokitazawa now. 


larry_90066 said...

Natto is something that I think you have to be introduced to when really young. Sort of like nori tsukudani ($4.99 here in LA!) which looks like a dark paste in a jar. I love the stuff but no hakujin will even consider it.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thanks Larry for the comment. Yes, there are these smelly foods all over the world. Some of my friends cannot eat blue cheese, for example. I love it. Very good for your health, but yes, I agree with you.