Turkish Lunch with A friend who would die if she is told to stop talking.....

 Soup, Plate Lunch and Musaka @ Kebab Chef.     One of the former co-workers who survived hard days of the Asian company.....

Remembering those days..... we ordered pizza at midnight.... worked till 2 or 3 a.m. to write presentations etc...

 She came to my town and we enjoyed this lunch together.   I love Turkish food!   Meat and vegetable balance plus spices....   Together, we paid about 3,000 yen including Turkish coffees.

She loves talking and she would die if she is told to stop talking..... Those days are more than 10 years ago..... no, more.... I wouldn't disclose the details and we were together only for 6 months....
Thanks to the friendship.    Reunited again after some blank.   

Laughing a lot eating good food refreshed me and I felt like gained new energy.

The chef ( and owner ? ) is Turkish gentleman who long lives in Japan with fluent Japanese.    When you finish Turkish coffee, you see some residue sitting in the cup...... you flip over the cup and then...... how the residue looks is your fortune, I learned .... yet, you have to have the fortune teller who knows how to read it.

According to this chef, this fortune telling is popular in Turkey.   Sounds fun.
Wish I could try someday.
Kebab Chef in Shimokitazawa.
( details are always subject to change, so please check the latest information on the web. )


Marucho- 丸長 in Shimokitazawa Liver and Chinese Chives

I haven't updated since July!?

Apology for my long time silence.
I have been busy?   Yes, in a way... but compared to those my corporate " salary woman " days, this is still much easier........ I go to bed around 10 or 11 p.m. nowadays.   ( It used to be 2,3 a.m. or sometimes I got off at 4 a.m. and then got up in a few hours.... )    So, I am good.   Just trying to meet the deadlines.

Today I was working on my friend's presentation's proof reading.... yes, my American friend's Japanese presentation.    Then visited another friend's exhibition in Ginza.     Anyways, this photo is not related to those at all.

This was the recommendation from some connoisseur restaurant chef in my town.   Almost 30 years old Chinese restaurant.   7 or 8 minute walk from Shimokitazawa station.   This set menu was a kind of eye-opening..... beansprouts and Chinese chives, then deep fried liver pieces are sitting on them.

Yum!   and nutritious as well.      Open from 11 a.m.   Visit for early lunch since after I finished eating, the seats were filled already.


Just shocking ---- For future humans, good news!?!?!?

I do not dare to put the photo / video here.   I just saw some short clip introducing new innovation ---- Bread made of cockroach flour.......developed by Brazilian researchers.     No thank you.     At least for now.    I respect those researchers though.   They are concerned about food crisis, I believe. 


Natto & Kimchi Japanese & Korean Combination @ Sendai-ya Natto Atelier

Although I cannot cook these days, I have been eating, of course!

So, there are many pics.

Let me show you this rice bowl....with natto and kimchi.

I have introduced this natto ( fermented soy beans ) shop before, I think.

Sendai-ya is the name.   They used to locate near my place ,but moved to Ichiban-Gai ( 1st Avenue ) in Shimokitazawa.  http://www.sendainatto.jp/shoplist/#04

Now they have eat-in space.   Their specialty is a set menu, all natto you can eat.
You can try all kinds of natto with this set menu.   Basically rice and miso soup and then natto.   ( For me, though, 3 packs of natto is the max! )

The above photo is a rice bowl menu, which I tried the other day.

I love both natto and kimchi.    Yes, they are both smelly, fermented foods, which is supposed to be good for you in many ways, for your beauty, for cleansing your blood vessels..... I am not a nutrition specialist, so please google.

I always explain ...they are like..... blue cheese.    Tasty, yet smelly!

I felt full after eating this, ( I asked for small size rice, yet! ) still did not feel bad.

My excuse is...... it is healthy, good for me!   


Kumey's / Wine + Tea Cozy Wine Bar/ Restaurant across Kitazawa Post Office

 Haven't uploaded for a while.

Yes, I have been eating, thanks.   The reason I feel a little uncomfortable about writing this is...... have not been well organized.    My room is a bit messy..... actually quite messy.....   

Therefore, I haven't cooked much lately.   Oh well, started organizing gradually.....  little by little....  So, for a while, you will not see " home-cooking", ( although it is much more money-saving and healthier..... at the moment, I don't have a choice.    Trying not to stretch myself too much. )   Thanks for your understanding! 

So, let me introduce this tiny, yet cozy restaurant newly opened in Shimokitazawa.
Mr. Kumey used to work for ministries.... mainly for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.     Adding to that, he had some ( I won't go into too much personal information) experience of  that " good food / organic food works! ".

He quit the ministry and started working in private restaurants and then finally came to open this place.     You will enjoy glasses of selected good wines ( mainly Japanese and French ) and good food.    Good means tasty and delicious.

I tried their liver paste.   Yes, it is so nice.   Try it, please.   Their lunch sandwiches are also good deal.   I have not tried much of their dinner menu yet.    Will go back there soon.     If you share with friends / families, not too expensive, still if you are wine lover, not cheap.    You can party here with a group of friends or stop by for a glass of wine to refresh yourself before going home. 


Anthony Bourdain----- Have to Watch Your Videos

RIP, Anthony Bourdain---- Food is important, but you are important, too.

To be honest with you, I have not watched his programs much.

But I knew he had a kind of unique life and came to his TV program which attracted many viewers.

I agree with many of his quotes.    Food makes me smile, Fun to share with friends, gives me power to live.......... But, it's not good if you are gone.



If you have not read MONOCLE!


One of my favorite magazines.    Well balanced and well edited articles from UK.

Now they are ready for food and drink!? 

Cannot miss it.


Tempura Lunch Box @ Tempura Yamanoue on 13F of Ginza Six

Ginza Six is a fancy shopping mall opened a year ago.

Not like other Tokyoites, lately I try to avoid crowds, long lines.  Therefore, this was the first time to visit this place.

Yes, this lunch box is a bit luxury for me, but this was special lunch gathering with some friends from the states.   Their tempura is famous, but for lunch, it is too pricey for me and we thought course menu would be too much for all of us.

Some of us ordered this lunch box menu, some others ordered tempura bowls.
Enjoyed this boxed food and the rice.   When the menu said Kakiage ( mixed tempura with seafood and vegetables ), I thought it would come separately, but instead it came mixed in rice as shown here.  ( Rice with fava beans and shrimp)

 This lacquer ware had so many small items.... trout, several kinds of seaweeds ( mozuku, hijiki etc. ),  egg roll, tuna etc......   delicately prepared and delicious.   Even after explained, when you pick the item with your chopsticks, there is some kind of excitement like " What is this!?  "

Enjoyed catching up with friends...... starting from how the work is going to US politics, trends etc...... 

We also enjoyed exploring the shops in here.    It was actually nicer than I thought.... expected all the expensive brand shops which I would not buy ( or I should say, I cannot afford!? ) .... but there were some nice gift shops especially carrying something good for gifts and souvenir from Japan.....plus some were reasonable enough.

I have some translation project during this Golden Week ( Japanese long holiday season from the end of April through first week of May ), but blocked this day to enjoy this precious time.

Once in a while, I need to relax and enjoy meeting friends....... w/ good food!


Celebrated Career Change of A Friend of Mine

 Time flies!   April 8 already.    Went to Las Chikas for the first time in a few years...... much more spacious now. 

Used to be quite casual, but now there are many tables inside. 

They changed menu?   As you can imagine from the name , ( Spanish ) you would expect some Mexican or Spanish cuisine.....  checking their dinner/ bar menu, sounds like Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern..... international.     This brunch was American ?     In order to celebrate this friend's career change, three of us ordered brunch plates.    So fulfilling and I still feel I probably wouldn't need any dinner.   Cost effective, surely.     


Natto- Fermented Soy Beans Sendai-Ya

Natto Set Menu
They used to be located near my place.    Now their shop is a little bigger with eat-in space.

Do you like natto?    Have you tried it?    I always say " it is like a kind of Japanese blue cheese."   Smelly, but healthy and tasty.  ( Tasty part is up to you...... )

They have several set menus and I tried all you can eat Natto Teishoku.  ( set menu)     Sesame natto and Edamame natto.    When I finished two packages of the mentioned natto, the lady came up to me and asked " a few more? "

I was already full.   Thank you.   Beans taste different here, I feel.
Better than regular one.   Of course. 

Look at this rice.    It was big enough.  ( For this a bowl of rice also, she asked me, " we can give you more if you like, is this enough?   ,,,,,,,  Am I a horse ?   :-) )

It comes with a fresh raw egg.  I cracked open the egg and mixed some into natto.    There is a bottle of soy sauce, but I prefer special sauce which comes in a small packet.      Less than 800 yen, I enjoyed healthy lunch.

They have other items such as the grilled salmon w/ natto etc....

It is on Ichibangai or 1st Avenue in Shimokitazawa now. 


Obon de Gohan ( = Meal w/ a Tray ) @ Tokyo Dome City

 This set menu is from  a few weeks ago.

The sliced great amberjack rice bowl.
The orange ones are flying fish roe.
( I didn't ask, but I believe.)

Cut cucumber, thinly sliced kelp some other vegetables were also there.

small salad, miso soup and a tiny pickles dish are included.   Around 1,000 yen.

This place is called " Obon de Gohan".  They have about 40 shops at the moment mainly in Tokyo area.    What I like about them is they often change the menu depending on the season.   Still basic style is this tray set.   Healthy, reasonable and you can walk-in and have dinner alone or with your family, friends and/or co-workers.   

Comes with Miso Soup 


Tokyo Dome ----- Through This Sunday Jan. 21st

Enjoy Local Food @ Tokyo Dome!

Hoping I can find some time to visit........    I heard this is quite popular.

Cannot write much now, but just wanted to publish to let you know!

Thanks for visiting !


Thai Restaurant in Yoyogi / Minami-Shinjuku Somtum Der

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A little re-union with some friends of mine.     

Thanks to a Thailand connoisseur friend.   She booked this place for this gathering and the dishes were amazingly delicious!   

This dining is originally from Bangkok and then in New York they were selected by Michelin.

This was lunch set.   You can choose spiciness from 0 to 4 ( 4 is Thai Authentic Level) .  I made it 2 as a beginner..... I am modest !   :-)

The best was this salad called Somtum, papaya salad.    Crunchy, refreshing with lime juice.   Yum!      The dishes are great, but I enjoyed their lovely presentation and the decor as well.....

3 min. from both Yoyogi Station of JR or Minami-Shinjuku Station of Odakyu Line.
I have to go back there pretty soon.   


Happy New Year! The first posting of 2018

My Osechi of 2018 
Happy New Year, my friends on earth!

This year, basically same osechi ( Japan's new year feast ) from same place, but I placed them in plates.

The far right is Ozoni I made.
Ozoni or Zoni is a kind of stew for new year.   It has vegetables and mochi= rice cake.

I haven't written any messages in Japanese yet.   Wanted to free myself from Japanese and was reading a book in English.   What a relief!    I enjoy my work and do appreciate my clients giving me great opportunities, but you know. 

One whole day, I spent for myself quietly.    ( Oh, I know many of you are surrounded by children, families, all the time and very busy..... sorry for saying this, but you know what I mean.  )     It is a kind of lonely, but it is also called positve solitude. 

I would enjoy partying for new year, of course!    It should be nice.

This year, though I needed a kind of solitude.   Being alone, being myself.
Quiet reading for my soul.   

Enjoyed the new year food ( some of them are only eaten during this festive season  such as seasoned herring roe. ) .

I feel so blessed, too.    Thanks to my cheerleaders.    Some, probably I know directly.   Some people are like secretly cheerleading..... I can sense that.

Thanks to you all.    I am wishing everybody's happiness.