Happy New Year! The first posting of 2018

My Osechi of 2018 
Happy New Year, my friends on earth!

This year, basically same osechi ( Japan's new year feast ) from same place, but I placed them in plates.

The far right is Ozoni I made.
Ozoni or Zoni is a kind of stew for new year.   It has vegetables and mochi= rice cake.

I haven't written any messages in Japanese yet.   Wanted to free myself from Japanese and was reading a book in English.   What a relief!    I enjoy my work and do appreciate my clients giving me great opportunities, but you know. 

One whole day, I spent for myself quietly.    ( Oh, I know many of you are surrounded by children, families, all the time and very busy..... sorry for saying this, but you know what I mean.  )     It is a kind of lonely, but it is also called positve solitude. 

I would enjoy partying for new year, of course!    It should be nice.

This year, though I needed a kind of solitude.   Being alone, being myself.
Quiet reading for my soul.   

Enjoyed the new year food ( some of them are only eaten during this festive season  such as seasoned herring roe. ) .

I feel so blessed, too.    Thanks to my cheerleaders.    Some, probably I know directly.   Some people are like secretly cheerleading..... I can sense that.

Thanks to you all.    I am wishing everybody's happiness.