NEGI or Scallion from a friend of mine.......

Cod, Scalioon and Tofu Nabe
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Apology for my lazy work..... not lazy, just couldn't have enough time to write a nice blog!  ( excuse, excuse....)

I love all forms of eating as you know, so I love eating at restaurants, joints or friends house etc.. as well as cooking at home... and buying ingredients, of course!   But..... one of the joy I enjoy encountering unexpected is!

To get some food gifts from friends..... I am just blessed or they know me so well, that is why they give me food?      Or they probably know I need food and money!  ( LOL )      Nice friends I have, I am grateful anyways.

What I got today is scallions.    Fukaya city, Saitama prefecture is known for their scallion.    A married friend ( his wife is also my friend, such a nice couple ) brought probably from his home town and left several stalks at the co-working space I often use.    To be shared.    We did!      I brought them ( I got two! ) home and used 2/3 of a stalk for this nabe ( hot pot ). 

Slice of cod, cut scallion and tofu.    It is finally getting cold and wintery here, so perfect!   I used some Yuzu flavored ponzu and grated ginger to taste. 

When I eat Nabe, I feel grateful being Japanese.   Nothing special, simple ingredients, but friendship, thoughtfulness, kindness of friends added extra flavor and it made my heart warm to overcome this cold weather.