Basement of Department Store in Japan

 I have perhaps written about Japanese department stores.   If you haven't been to the basement, please do.    This one was discounted 50 % since it was already around 6p.m. and they wanted to sell before it gets spoiled.   After the discount,
it was 294 yen.....about  US$3.00 , cheaper than " reasonable"!!   

Underneath there is vinegar-flavored rice.   I just made spinach miso soup.
You will enjoy trying all kinds of food and sweets at our department stores.

Not all of them, but there are many "samples" you can taste.   This is from Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya.   There are two Tokyu Department Stores in Shibuya.   One is about 5 min. from the station, which is the main store.   This one I bought this seafood bowl is located in the station building.   Easy to go down.

Take the escalator to down stairs.    

Seafood Bowl & Miso Soup