Kawasaki Experience --- Morioka Reimen Noodle @ Lazona Kawasaki

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I had some work in Kawasaki the other day and a friend of mine recommended to try this place, which is located 1st floor of Kawasaki Station Building, called Rasona.

The dining located in food court is named " Pyon Pyon Sha " originally from Iwate prefecture.

Yes, this friend is from Iwate.    Before finding the place in food court, I was surprised by the scale of the building.   It is so spacious.   It felt like being in US or somewhere.... very different from Tokyo.   The hallway is so wide, it should be easy for young mothers and fathers to walk with strollers.

Back to the food.   It looks a little spicy?   Yes, it was.   Actually you can select your preferred spice level.    Then, a slice of watermelon helps heel your tongue.

I chose a set menu which comes with 4 pieces of Korean pancakes.   Oh, both were delicious.     Then after coming back to Tokyo, I studied their website.
Morioka Reimen Pyon Pyon Sha Story  ( in Japanese )

According to their website, ( very briefly )  Mr. Aoki created this noodle by combining the key elements of North Korean noodle soup and Korean Peninsula's noodle in 1954.    The one he created became Morioka Reimen which has Korean pickles ( daikon radish/ cabbage ), soup made from beef bones and chicken.
The noodle is translucent, a little chewy, when going down your throat, pleasant.

There were other tempting shops around this.    Tempra bowl, Sushi, Ramen noodle.....  This food court is casual, but clean and even stylish.   The prices are reasonable, not extremely cheap.   I paid about 1100 yen for this.

It says there were many Japanese Koreans in Morioka City ( Iwate Prefecture ).
It makes sense that Mr. Aoki learned Korean cuisine using local vegetables.