Ise Udon Noodle ---- Unique Texture will dance in your mouth

Ise Udon Noodle @ Ushitora

The other day, I had this lunch set.  Ise Udon, salad, two quail eggs, pickled cucumber and dessert.

I am from Tokyo and had never tried Ise Udon before this.   Very different other Udon noodles.
Sanuki ( Kagawa Prefecture ) Udon has more al dente like texture.  Usually I like Sanuki style better.

Ise Udon is fluffier and it doesn't have soup.  It has thick, slightly sweet sauce and chopped green onion only.  I googled it and it seems like in old days, it was very special dish in the region.  The origin is Ise city, Mie Prefecture.  It takes time to make this noodle ( imagine, if you try to make pasta from scratch and everything is handmade.)   It is now, quick easy meal, but it was served as a part of their celebration.     Ushitora, a Shimokitazawa restaurant serves this for lunch.  If you are interested, visit the restaurant and ask for it.  The set was less than 1,000 yen.

Direction to Ushitora:
Come out of West Exit (Nishiguchi ) of Shimokitazawa Station.  Take a right and go up to ground level.   Then go along the street ( between Hakuyosha, a cleaner and Seven Eleven ).   Ushitora will be on your left in 30 sec.