Ask for "Hamburg" Restaurant - WOODSTOCK-

 Went to WOODSTOCK located in Musashi Koganei.

Recommended by my student, this was the place I was looking forward to visit.

Finally!   Visited with local friends.

On Saturdays, they open at 11 a.m.

We left our town around 10 a.m. and got there around a little past 11.

Yay!   There were seats.  We were lucky.   After we got seated, it was full.
People who came later had to wait for 30min.  

This place is known for its juicy HAMBURG.   We took a taxi from the station.
The driver knew it.  It is near Musashi Koganei Park, but not close to the entrance actually.  Probably 10 min. walk.

So, our decision to take a cab was right!   We shared the combination salad.
Ordered " recommended" set menu.   I had Hamburg and Duck combination.
Other friends ordered " Spicy Sausage and Hamburg" and " Herb Sausage and Hamburg".    It came in a shape of straw bag.    Immediately after delivering the plate, the waiter starts flatting the hamburgs.  ( there are two on the hot plate. )

Then the sauce is poured.   I chose Garlic.   Other friends had Grated Daikon & Soy Sauce ,  Demiglace Sauce.  Sizzling sound follows!

Not just delicious, it is entertaining.   Worth trying once.   Actually, all of us decided to come back.

The soup, coffee ( or tea, OJ ) is also included in this set menu.  A little over 2000 yen.   Still feels reasonable.

After this happy lunch, we headed to Tokyo Metropolitan Library which is known for a wide variety of magazine stock.   I enjoyed reading " Architectural Digest", " In Style " " Cosmopolitan " and " Monocle".   ( Monocle is actually my favorite! )

This library is located near Nishi Kokubunji Station.   7 min. walk from the station.

Japanese magazines and Foreign magazines are there and anybody can enter the library.   Newly opened, so clean and well designed.