Nanakusa Gayu ----- Rice Porridge of Seven Herbs , Traditional Ritual on Jan. 7

This year again, I made this porridge for breakfast.   This is our ritual after holiday season.  During new year's celebration, we keep eating, drinking..... the stomach is exhausted by now.  So, this is supposed to help care of your stomach....mild, light porridge.  Also, these herbs are supposed to work to cleanse your internal organs.

We eat this wishing state of perfect health for new year.   So light.
It felt like digested within in hour :-)   That was perhaps good for the stomach.

Wishing you a healthy year for 2017!
Nanakusa (Seven Herbs )Gayu (Rice Porridge)


Osechi --- New Year's Feast..... Not so big, but still Enjoyed Ritual

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy 2017 and food-full year ( !) !

Small, yet still traditional osechi.

Feeling blessed having this ritual this year again.

Will be back again soon.  Last year, didn't write much I realized.    This year, I will write more.   Thanks for stopping by.