Reunion @ Bistro Eureka in Shimokitazawa

 A week ago, a former boss, his current colleagues came to Shimokitazawa.

I made a reservation at this cozy, bistro.   Feels like " you are in Paris."

Enjoyed catching up with him....

Funny part is he still talks about our Paris trip.   That's almost 7, 8 years ago?    We were working on some government's projects and needed to visit several schools there.   One of the famous schools is FEMIS, an elite film producers school.

While staying in Paris, I was able to see some friends living there, my boss and I enjoyed local cuisine, some free time......  just before our departure, we finally discovered "authentic"  fish soup..... Soup de Poisson.   When we left the restaurant, we were satisfied and literally full.

But!  At the airport, I wanted to have some palate cleanser.... but didn't want to mention that.... I was already known by my boss as a " big eater" and I wanted to put some chunks of sugared lemon/ginger peels into my mouth.

He went to the bathroom.  "  OK, now!  "  I put some into my mouth.... while I was busy putting more into my mouth..... he came back and found me.

"......... I can't believe you are eating again......"   He was taken aback....

Oh, well..... since then, he tells everybody this story.... over and over....Thank you very much!  LOL.

Last week, he was telling other people this story..... so?    I love eating!!!
Great Amberjack Carpaccio 

Cooked Beef 

Kamaboko & Chikuwa Fish Paste

Kamaboko - Fish Paste
Have you tried Kamaboko or Chikuwa?

Made of fish paste, you might have eaten it w/ Udon noodle, Ramen etc.

I had a privilege to try the course dinner last month.

According to this company, Yamasa Chikuwa, they change the fish depending on the season.  Didn't know that.

This was the starter of the course.