Tokyo International Film Festival ---- AFURI's Ramen Noodle

Yuzushio Ramen @ AFURI
I would like to write about Chikuwa next since I was invited to a fabulous Chikuwa Dinner last week.

There are many pics and I'd like to take enough time for those....
Look forward to the report!

So, let me show you Ramen today.

AFURI has several shops in Tokyo and one in Kanagawa.  Ramen AFURI

Last night was opening of Tokyo International Film Festival --- TIFF.

A friend of mine got tickets for " Florence Foster Jenkins".   This title was official opening film for the festival.   I was told Meryl Streep was coming to greet to the audience!   Yes, I immediately responded.    She was beautiful, witty, charming.
There are much more adjectives to admire her.

Anyways, before the movie, we met at AFURI Roppongi Hills Branch and had this.
Yuzu flavored shio (salt ) ramen.   mmmmmm, yum!

The movie was excellent.  You can laugh and cry.  Heartwarming.