Try Japanese Peach!

Peach Sandwich
I love seasonal fruits.

Japanese peaches are big and juicy.
Perfect for hot summer.

You could use prosciutto, grilled bacon instead of mozzarella.

The photo is today's breakfast.
Mozzarella cheese, basil and peach.   Since mozzarella is not salty enough, sprinkle some salt and pepper.   Yummy!


Light Dinner and Drinks after Sit-Down Comedy

Friends invited me to a sit-down comedy or RAKUGO last night.

The photo places are located under the JR railroad.  All these small diners are inexpensive, casual and not sophisticated at all!

These are so-called B kyuh gourmet....meaning not A class.... B class....food or foodies.

I enjoy all aspects of Tokyo food scenes from A class famous places to these casual places.....in a way, these places are homey....it feels like this ambience could bring people closer...technically the places are pretty small and physically close, too!

The invite was available for two guests so I invited a friend of mine who is a professional translator.

Laughed a lot......I am not a connoisseur of RAKUGO, just enjoy it several times a year.   Four plus one warm-up comedians' story telling technique was exquisite.  I love all those storytellers' voice, change of tones, silly acts.....  RAKUGO encompasses our stupidity, vanity, empathy and express those in a funny stories...
and people in the stories are stupid, funny, but there is a kind of sense which accepts people just the way they are, sentiment which I feel people are losing lately.

After the show, we went to a small diner in this area and discussed it including our own stupid, sad, funny stories.    Good Saturday night.

Yurakucho--- Underpass Diners