WORKSHOP w/ Great Members

On Saturday, I participated in a 7 hour workshop.   The details are secret!, but I made great new friends there.

Learned a lot, laughed a lot.  Right downstairs of the place, there was an Indian restaurant.  Delicious two curries ( you can choose) , one drink, dessert are also included.  I had tried to focus on work for a while and also wanted to stay away from crowds, but this gathering was timely.

I do enjoy parties and meeting many people, but there are some seasons.... this season means psychological ones.  While sometimes my heart and energy are just like summer and enjoy " fireworks", there are some other seasons like fall or winter to nurture inner-self in tranquil settings.

Feels like I am in winter now.  For upcoming spring, this is the season to prepare and grow invisibly.    Feeling blessed to have great supporters around me.

Lady's Set ( spinach curry & chicken& egg plant curry)