Danny Meyer's Audio Book

For my English study and learning things, I am subscribing to Audible which is under Amazon's umbrella.   My new acquisition is this one, the founder of Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack etc.....   Since I teach hospitality English including cross-cultural mindset, am hoping to learn something from this book.  Narrated by himself.     Since there is still long line at Japan's Shake Shack, I have not tried them yet.   Will be different experience if I visit them after reading ( listening to ) this book.   Can't wait.

Spring Collection 2016 Bread, Clam and Shrimp

What is this?  Guess!

I 'd like to avoid " Spoiler Alert! " So, I will not explain too much.
This will be something later.... can you guess?     The process is more important.  
Clam Dish
Grilled Langoustine Shrimp