NOMA --- World's Top Restaurant Movie

They just finished Tokyo and moved onto other regions.

Shoot.  I missed it.  Lately, theatrical movies cycle is too short.

NOMA --- Danish Restaurant's Documentary

If it comes back here to small theaters, I can't miss it or I will watch it on DVD or NETFLIX...

NARISAWA's dishes have stories, arts and beautiful presentation as well as international staff's multilingual explanation.

It seems NOMA's dishes and their style is similar to NARISAWA.
Or maybe it is the trend now.

Spring Collection 2016 Continues

Finger Sushi

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This whole course is called Spring Collection 2016.

The ingredients are from all over Japan.

The top plate is Kobe beef and Ise Prawn sushi. The soup stock is made of sea snake indigenous to Okinawa.

Yes, they actually have the soup in Okinawa.

The bottom is sea bream from Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.

Before Blogging about NARISAWA --- Pasta Alfred w/ a Touch of Japanese Flavor

Alfredo with Japanese Touch
I'd like to continue about amazing memory of NARISAWA.

After this post, I will do so.

Listened to my body or stomach, I realized I wanted to eat Pasta Alfredo.

Plain cream and cheese is good, but wanted to have something in it..... chicken would be ideal, but I didn't have it.

Used Japanese basil and Chinese barbecued pork.   Yum.

Alfredo sounds like Italian, but it's actually American pasta.... I learned.
( Check wikipedia )

Feeling satisfied, now ready to write about artistic dishes.  :-)