BangBang Chicken --- for Breakfast

BangBang Chicken

Steamed white rice, Miso soup.

Bangbang Chicken and Cucumber.

Worked all day long.

Too tired to describe fancy dishes.

Quick introduction of quick meal.

Skin the chicken breast.  Bring the water to a boil.  ( 2/3 of the pot to cover the chicken. )  Put the chicken into the pot.

Turn off the heat.   Leave the chicken in the hot water and cover the lid.
Wait for an hour or two.   Keep the water since you can use it later.
Take out the chicken and tear it into narrow strips.   Put the chicken strips into the cooked water ( soup ) and place in the fridge.

This chicken can be used for various dishes.    This morning, I made bangbang chicken as shown in the photo.  Make the bed with strips of cucumber.
Place the chicken on them.  Pour sesame dressing.

Then, for dinner.   I made udon noodle soup.   Used this chicken and added some grated ginger and chopped green onion.  

Chicken breast is inexpensive and healthy.