Clam Miso Soup Rice

Clam Miso Soup Rice 
A little break from the course menu of French Cuisine.

This morning's breakfast.

Make clam miso soup first.

Chop a half stalk of scallion.

Place the rice into the bowl.
Pour clam miso soup over the rice.   Sprinkle the chopped scallion.

Use your condiments such as Yuzu Kosho ( Yuzu Pepper ) or grated ginger,  shichimi....

To remove sand from clam, make 3% salt water and place clam into it.
Wait for 2, 3 hours.


Soft-Shell Turtle Ball with Coco Farm & Winery's White Wine

Deep Fried Soft-Shell Turtle Ball
Soft-Shell Turtle is usually served as soup or nabe.

How can I put it?   You wouldn't notice if you were not told.

Tasted a bit like chicken....

After a glass of sparkling wine, we started having white wine.

I forgot to take the photo of the wine.
It was a bit buttery like Chardonnay.

Have you heard of Coco Farm & Winery in Tochigi Prefecture?
They are known as " Farm & Winery whose workers are intellectually disabled."

The wine was from there.  Liked the flavor.  I might purchase one on ONLINE someday.  ( Should be good for summer. )


Wood Flavored Water and Edible Forest

Essence of Forest 
This was the starter plate.

The top left is water to cleanse your mouth and feel the forest.

I could smell cedar.

The green powder is soy pulp or okara.

Everything was edible.  ( The water container was only thing I couldn't eat! )

The wood or firewood is deep-fried burdock root.   Artistic presentation was breathtaking.

From here, every single dish amazed us.