Tarte Tatin @ La Palette

Tomorrow is off!  

One lesson in the morning, three meetings in the afternoon and one lesson at night.  Worked enough today.

First afternoon meeting was @ La Palette.

La palette has wonderful line-ups of sandwiches.  Sandwiches are reasonable. Their specialty is not just sandwiches.  Tea selection ( pot service ) has wide range of selections.  Then!  Sweets.

During the first meeting, I had a quiche plate.  Then this Tarte Tatin.
I feel this is a bit "zeitaku" for me.    Zeitaku means luxury or luxurious.

I don't treat myself that often.  I don't need cakes that often.  When I was in 20s, I often had them, but now this kind of sweets are just for special occasions.

If I am too tired, if I want to treat myself for something special or if I am with friends etc.  The meeting was with my friend and I felt " why not!?   I worked hard enough and I should eat! ".

God, that was soooo good.   Yes, I am going to work out tomorrow.
Need to shed 4 kgs to feel good.

La Palette:
2F 2-30-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan