Fuki Shoot ( Fukinotoh ) is Effective to Alleviation of Symptoms of Hay Fever or is this Placebo Effect !?

Vegetable Soup and Toasts
Since I learned Fukinoto Miso making at YUI ( Cooking Lesson / Cultural Lesson operated by Ms. Tsuchida and Mr. Sato.  Mr. Sato is the master chef and experienced professional cook ), I have been eating Fuki Shoot Miso almost everyday.

As mentioned in the previous posting, it seems Fuki Shoot has Polyphenol effective for hay fever.   Obviously, my symptoms of hay fever has been alleviated.   Usually, I use at least one pocket tissue paper a day during this pollen allergy season, but today, even during the morning walk, I didn't use any of tissue paper..... amazing!

The above photo is today's breakfast.  Left is toast w/ butter & marmalade, right is Fuki Shoot miso plus cheese, both yummy.

I still have Fuki Shoot Miso a half bowl left.  If I finish this bowl, I am sure that I will make another bowl again.... then, hopefully, the allergy season will be over by then.