Salmon and Vegetable cooked in Aluminum Foil

This is from the day before yesterday.

First, cook shredded carrot, radish w/ olive oil in a pan.

Use aluminum foil to wrap and steam.

Use them as bedding and put a piece of salmon fillet on it.  I used the leaves of the radish also ( green one ).

Make the sauce.  Two table spoon of miso, a table spoon of sugar and a spoonful sake ( or white wine ).  Mix them all.  Spread the sauce over the salmon.

Wrap them all in the foil and cover, close the edge.  

Pour about 2 cups of water in the pan.  Place the foiled salmon in there.
Cook the foil covered salmon and veggies in the pan for about 10
min. - 15 min.        Enjoy!


Japanese Omelette Rice

Today's dinner.  Cooked omelet rice.  A little overcooked, yet tasty enough.

Watch this video.  I tried to follow this.  The cat is WATCHING the whole process.

So cute.



500 yen Pizza

I forgot to bring my smart phone, so could not take any photo there.

This Pizzeria " Pizza Forno Cafe" in Nakameguro is located closed to FLATMATE where I sometimes provide English training.

After the class of this afternoon, I had Margerita, which was 500 yen, which is small, yet big enough for one person.

Fluffy pizza and fresh tomato, basil.   There were families, couples, singles....
You can walk in and order at the cashier then wait for 10 min. or so.

Somehow, Nakameguro has several top rated pizza places.  Why?