Egg Plant and Shakespeare

My brain was so happy reading books this weekend. 
Back to classics..... read Shakespeare's " King Lear" and " Othello" .

When I was younger, perhaps I didn't understand them well enough.
Now I know!  Fabrication, Lies, Betrayal, Envy, Loyalty, Integrity, Fishing Expedition, Suspicion, Misperception, Pride, Greed, Love, Consideration, etc.etc..... 

Doesn't look old at all.  Enjoyed both, these are my favorites in his tragic ones.
During college days, I studied " Sonnet" along with Keats , Sherry...but have no recollection of taking Shakespeare's other classes.

Nature of human beings.  Learning a lot again from his stories.

It was hot today, so had this with chilled cold ( yet non-alcohol ) beer!

Deep Fried Egg Plant in Sweet & Sour Soy Sauce

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