Wood Flavored Water and Edible Forest

Essence of Forest 
This was the starter plate.

The top left is water to cleanse your mouth and feel the forest.

I could smell cedar.

The green powder is soy pulp or okara.

Everything was edible.  ( The water container was only thing I couldn't eat! )

The wood or firewood is deep-fried burdock root.   Artistic presentation was breathtaking.

From here, every single dish amazed us.  


Unknown said...


Yasuko Watanabe said...

It was. Thank you.

Unknown said...

(PS from your longtime reader Bill in Ireland)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Oh, Bill! Yes, I remember you. Are you still buying tea from Kyoto?

Unknown said...

Japanese friends are kind enough to bring tea and other interesting items from Japan when they come to Ireland, and an Irish friend brought me back a good supply after his trip there last year. And I can get tea and other ingredients at Asian shops in Dublin and many health food shops have them too. So I haven't had the need to order direct from Japan myself. But I still love looking at websites for Japanese shops and browsing Google Maps is fun too because it is possible to "visit" shops and look around inside. I still hope to visit myself someday. Bill

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Bill, good to hear that. Yes, goole is fun and I enjoy Street View and other gadgets. When you cannot visit physically, you can still visit places using the technology. I love that. Thank you for reading my blog as always. Will upload more photos.

This restaurant was amazing and their food was some kind of art form. It's not just for eating. Entertainment and Description of Japanese Landscape.

larry_90066 said...

If that was the starter, the main course must have been amazing. I've only seen that sort of presentation in Europe.