Master Kozo Sato's Beautiful Work ----- Sardine in an Orange

Sardine Sashimi  sitting in an Orange

I cannot do this.  This beautiful work.

However, I learned how to cut the orange ( any kind of lemon, orange would work ).

You could mix some miso , grated ginger to add some more flavor.

Use the top part and squeeze the juice over the sardine.  It will taste beautiful with citrus juice!

Before setting the sardine, don't forget to scoop the orange meat.

I am so bad at pictures.  On the top of the cap of the orange, there is a leaf.... placed artificially.  As a decoration.

The class of Mr. Sato is called Yui....meaning uniting or binding or connecting...
He and his wife Ms. Kyoko Tsuchida are providing cultural lessons.... from Tea Ceremony, Japanese Room Setting to Japanese Cooking.

I just visited their home/ class the other day.  Hope I can participate in more of their classes.... If you are in Tokyo and interested in their classes.  Let me know.


larry_90066 said...

Wow! Looks beautiful. The only way I've had sardines is with rice. I cook the sardines (in oil) with onions and shoyu and put it on hot rice. Speaking of rice, have you noticed a difference between local rice and American grown rice like Kokuho Rose?

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you for your comment. Oh, I do use canned sardines as well. What I often make is to cook the sardines w/the oil in a pan w/ garlic. Then put soy sauce. Sometimes instead of garlic, I use wasabi or ginger ... for these, I put them on the rice.

As to Kokuho Rose Rice, I think I have tried it before. Not really. I remember I was surprised that it was much better than my low expectation! Actually, it was long time ago, so by now, I am sure the taste has been improved.

larry_90066 said...

I've heard that rice grown in Japan is much better than our California varieties. However, it's really expensive so I've only had it a couple of times. My opinion is that it is better.