Fuki Shoot Miso ---- Learned from Mr. Kozo Sato .... the Master of Yui , Cooking Class

Fuki Shoot Miso!

Last Friday, I went to a Japanese Cooking Class which I originally just planned to watch and take a note for a future project.

You might want to learn the traditional and also liberal Japanese Cooking from Mr. Kozo Sato.

When I arrived, I was told by the master to help them cook....oh, OK!  I don't think I'm that good, but I cook everyday and would love to!

Then...I was just like other students cooking, chopping eventually eating. LOL.

Hope I can introduce some of the outcome from the lesson.
The above picture is showing simple breakfast of this past weekend......

The center... the brownish thing might look eerie....it's MISO.... bean paste... made of soy beans or rice or barley etc.... This one has Fuki Shoot in it... What is Fuki Shoot?  Please check the wikipedia...Fuki Shoot

Fuki Shoot is one of the typical spring mountain vegetables...Have I written about it before?  Also, these kinds of spring plants have the power to cleanse your body and have it ready for warm weather, so they say.

Also, when bears in mountains wake up from hibernation, this is the first thing for them to eat.....true?

It's a bit bitter, but when you eat it, this spring flavor...which is hard to describe splash in the mouth with refreshing bitterness..... I love it!   When I had it at the master's house, without thinking I was exclaiming " Oh, this is delicious! "  :-)

How to make Fuki Shoot ( In Japanese :  Fukinotoh )  Miso:

Ingredients:  If you like to eat it tomorrow, buy the ingredients today, prepare the Fuki Shoot today and then you can cook it tomorrow and eat it tomorrow.

Fuki Shoot    several shoots ( I bought in a package at a super market and that had 5 or 6 shoots, I think. )

Miso   as much as Fuki Shoot

Sugar    I use brown sugar, but any sugar should be fine:  approximately 3 to 4 table spoons or to your taste.

Sake    About.... 50 cc..You could use light white wine, if you cannot find sake.  Avoid rich white wine.... like buttery Chardonnay since it could kill the flavor of Fuki Shoot.

Oil       I used regular vegetable oil.  You could use sesame oil or olive oil also.

Salt     a pinch

1.  Prepare Fuki Shoot.  Boil some water, say 300 to 400 cc in a deep pan and put a pinch of salt in to the boiled hot water.

2.  Put Fuki Shoot into the boiled water.  Cook for 3 to 4 min.

3.  Turn off the heat.  Drain hot water.  Pour cold water into the pan.  Leave it over night.   Change the water several times..... every 3, 4 hours.

4.   Next day, chop the Fuki Shoot.    Heat the frying pan and pour some oil, start cooking the chopped Fuki Shoot.

5.   Add Miso to Fuki Shoot.  Keep cooking.   Pour 50 cc sake or.... 5 table spoons or more... these amount is really up to you.  Stir.

6.   Finally add sugar and stir.  This is also up to you.  A bit salty, a bit sweet.  Try some and fix it as you like.

7.   Don't stir too much.  Just stir occasionally to avoid burning.  Keep cooking till the sake or almost no liquid remains..... yes, simmer and cook down.

8.  Voila!  Enjoy!   I put a tea spoon of Fuki Shoot Miso on the steamed white rice.
Also put it on some boiled potato and heated in the toaster oven.

The photo is showing the grilled miso.  Do you have donabe or heat resistant ware?   Donabe is earthen pot.  Use the lid, turn it over and inside the lid, spread the Fuki Shoot Miso.  Then grill the miso.... fragrant savory.....

I just read some articles saying that one of the polyphenol in Fuki Shoot is effective for reducing the symptom of Hay Fever or Pollen Allergy!

Yes, it feels like I feel better today.....  


larry_90066 said...

I've never used miso like that before. I usually buy white miso at Mitsuwa (a store here in Los Angeles) and make soup with it. I also sometimes use it with fish when cooking.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Miso is versatile..... Have you tried Yaki Onigiri? ( Grilled Rice Ball ). You put miso as a outer coating and grill it.
The cooked miso smells so good.

larry_90066 said...

I haven't but that sounds wonderful.