I'm back.

It's been for a while.  The last posting was 2014.

Well, there were things I had to give a thought to.    Someday I might write, but for now, I shouldn't.  I do not remember anything special on that day I stopped writing in 2014, but definitely the March 11,2011 and Tsunami was something which affected me in many ways...... Tsunami, Earthquake, Nuke Plant, Radiation, Contamination etc. etc....

You might say, " it was 2011! and you kept writing through 2014 and then stopped!".  Yes, but there were things around me and .... hard to write.

Around 2014 I guess it became difficult for me to keep writing.

However, my life is limited ( don't worry, I have not been diagnosed as cancer or anything!  I should say - Our lives are limited! ) , which I just realized after some friend's death again, so will do whatever I can while I am still alive.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading more about your eating!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you for kind note!