Fried Oysters & Roasted Scallion

A meeting was cancelled. So, decided to have early dinner. ( Originally I was going to post yesterday's Bolognese, but since this was sooooo good, let me post this for today. )

Several Oysters
Starch  one table spoon
Sliced Lemon ( to be used after cooking as shown in the photo. )
Garlic   a clove
Salt  1/2 tea spoon for cooking / 1/2 tea spoon for washing oysters
Pepper   to taste
Olive Oil one table spoon
Butter a cube

1) First, make some salt water in a bowl.
Wash the oysters in there.
2)  Dress oysters w/ salt, pepper and starch.
3)  Heat the pan and pour olive oil into that.
4)  Add sliced garlic in the oil.
5)  Add oysters.   Cook at least 10 min. or so till the surface turns brown and crunchy .

Long Scallion  one stalk
Salt  1/2 tea spoon
Pepper to taste
Sake ( Japanese Sake or white wine )
1 tea spoon

1) Prepare the aluminum foil like the photo.
2) Cut the scallion and put them into the foil.
3) Sprinkle salt and pepper over them.
4) Add Sake or wine.
5) Close the foil and roast the foil package in toaster oven .  Cook for 15 min.

Although both recipes are quite simple, they taste great!
For oysters, you can use lemon juice and soy sauce or tartar sauce or whatever you like.   If you like simple taste, just salt and pepper also tastes delicious.

For scallion, I didn't add anything.  Those chopped scallions were sweet and I enjoyed the taste without any additional sauce.

I haven't caught any flu or cold this winter.   I guess that's because I've eaten at home a lot and had lots of veggies.   Hope you stay warm ( if you live on northern hemisphere : -))

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