Caramelized Pork w/ Sauted Spinach and Onion

 Before going to another lesson ( to teach ) , cooked this quickly and filled my stomach.

Ingredients: one serving
Pork Loin  one cut  ( cut into 3, 4 pieces )
Spinach    one bowl ( chopped )
Onion       1/2 head (salad slice )
olive oil
soy sauce
lemon juice

1) Cover the pork w/ flour.
2) Heat the pan and pour a table spoon olive oil.
3) Cook the pork and brown the surface.  Cook till inside is well cooked.
4) Take the pork out for now.
5) Put some butter into the pan.  Saute onion, then add spinach into the same pan.   Salt & Pepper to taste.
6) Clean the pan and pour a table spoonful sugar.  Stir lightly.Heat the pan.  Wait till bubbles appear.
7) Add a tea spoonful soy sauce.  Squeeze lemon or use bottled lemon.
8) Stir quickly and add the pork.   Coat the pork w/ the caramel sauce.

When you take out the pork, the caramel gets chilled and crunchy.

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