Komeda Coffee in Kichijoji

Fillet Cutlet Mini Plate (670 yen)
Toasted Mix Sandwich (560 yen )

I love Komeda Coffee and was excited to find it in Kichijoji.  This is a chain restaurant which came from Nagoya area originally.  Once a friend of mine or sempai took me there in Tsukuba City ( Ibaraki Prefecture) and I fully enjoyed their cutlet sandwich and big coffee, which comes in a mug. 

The quality of food is pretty good and that is amazing that they can offer these plates for this reasonable price.  Remember, in Japan, you do not have to tip!    One of their specialties is a dessert called Cilo Noir.... I wonder what it means....  It's a danish with white whipped ice cream topping.... Check out their website and you can see it here..... !