New Spanish Restaurant in Shimokitazawa ATICODOS

While some restaurants are gone, new restaurants are also coming to Shimokitazawa.  This newly opened Spanish restaurant is highly recommended.

I just had lunch the other day, which was excellent, the price was also excellent.
For this, 980 yen.  Baked chicken, salad and sardine  plus saffron rice.

Come to west exit of Shimokitazawa Station.  ( through platform of Inokashira Line ) and take a left.  Come up to the ground floor and turn left.  You will see convenience store Lawson on your left.  Go on and take the next left.  You'll find this place right away on your right.

I can't wait to try their dinner and wine next time.

Lunch 11:30- 3 P.M.
Dinner  5 P.M. - 11 P.M.