The Rainy Season is Over ...... Summary Rice Soup from Miyazaki Prefecture

The rainy season is over now, which was announced by meteorological bureau yesterday.  Ha!  We are now starting to enjoy non-stop over 30 degree days!

It's about 33 degrees with high humidity today, tomorrow will be quite similar....

I made this, a typical summer food for breakfast.   There seem to be about three regions eating this and there are styles of each region.  Those are Miyazaki, Yamagata and Saitama.  Although, Saitama is the closest to Tokyo, I did not know that they had this.

What I have been enjoying seems to be the one from Miyazaki, though I often make easy, modified, pseudo ones, for often I don't find all the ingredients in my fridge.

This morning, I put 1/2 cucumber ( thinly sliced ), 1 piece of myoga ( thinly sliced) , 3 leaves of Shiso ( Japanese basil chopped ) into the miso soup, which I chilled with several ice cubes.  Then put some rice into it.

Yum, yum.   Soothing for hot summer morning.  I did not put any tofu this morning, yet it felt like nutritious enough with miso and herby vegetables.

When I was a child, I did not know of these local foods from different regions.
There are so-called antenna shop from each region introducing their specialty.... you can find these shops in central Tokyo area.  Oh, I have not written much about them.  Oh, right!

Will try to write about them also.  Good that I realized that today.  Thanks for reading. 


Komeda Coffee in Kichijoji

Fillet Cutlet Mini Plate (670 yen)
Toasted Mix Sandwich (560 yen )

I love Komeda Coffee and was excited to find it in Kichijoji.  This is a chain restaurant which came from Nagoya area originally.  Once a friend of mine or sempai took me there in Tsukuba City ( Ibaraki Prefecture) and I fully enjoyed their cutlet sandwich and big coffee, which comes in a mug. 

The quality of food is pretty good and that is amazing that they can offer these plates for this reasonable price.  Remember, in Japan, you do not have to tip!    One of their specialties is a dessert called Cilo Noir.... I wonder what it means....  It's a danish with white whipped ice cream topping.... Check out their website and you can see it here..... ! 


New Spanish Restaurant in Shimokitazawa ATICODOS

While some restaurants are gone, new restaurants are also coming to Shimokitazawa.  This newly opened Spanish restaurant is highly recommended.

I just had lunch the other day, which was excellent, the price was also excellent.
For this, 980 yen.  Baked chicken, salad and sardine  plus saffron rice.

Come to west exit of Shimokitazawa Station.  ( through platform of Inokashira Line ) and take a left.  Come up to the ground floor and turn left.  You will see convenience store Lawson on your left.  Go on and take the next left.  You'll find this place right away on your right.

I can't wait to try their dinner and wine next time.

Lunch 11:30- 3 P.M.
Dinner  5 P.M. - 11 P.M. 


Yummy Yummy..... Soy Sauce Flavored Garlic Beef Rice !!!

garlic beef rice & watercress salad
Do you have a rice cooker?  I don't have one  .....I have awfully old one,but since it's too old, the rice gets a little soggy lately.

Therefore, I was going to buy new one, but before buying any, I started trying to use this earthen pot for rice cooker substitute.

Then.....it works just fine...... you cannot keep rice warm, but for cooking this is good enough..... rice tastes even better than rice cooker.

After cooking rice, I mixed some cooked beef meat into the rice..... seasoned with garlic... ( Yes, you put some oil in the pan and then sliced garlic..... then after browning the garlic, add chopped beef.  When you put out the fire, pour a table spoonful soy sauce....) Yummy!

The salad is easy one.   Chop watercress and place it into the salad bowl.  Add some tomato.....

As you can see, not so traditional.  Just a fusion type of home cooking..... using some left over meat.

Thinking about Russia...... Had lunch at Rogovski Shibuya, the first Russian Restaurant in Japan.

Hearty Borscht

Pirozhki and Salad
 I guess I had been to this restaurant  long long time ago.....don't remember when it was.

For the first time after that long, I had a lunch meeting there....Rogovski Shibuya.  A very first Russian Restaurant in Japan.  ( It says to on their website.)

Rogovski Shibuya Website

It is located on 9F of Tokyu Plaza building.  ( The basement is my favorite market place.... fresh seafood, vegetable.... fun to explore!)

Lunch menu is a good deal, there were several options..... in which I chose this set.   Pirozhki ( left round one is meat, right square one is vegetable ) & Borcht set.....everything was so good.  The Pirozhki was lighter than they looked, Borcht was full of vegetable..... and the tea!   It was already warm today, but this whole set menu made me warmer.....

I would love to come back here.... and I know what to order next..... Uzbek noodle set..... looked like Mongolian Noodle a bit.

Here is lunch menu...... written in Japanese, yet you can have some idea...
Lunch Menu

Russian Tea


MEAT UP !? @ Open Source Cafe

This is not typo.   Usually meet up, but this time it was literally Meat Up! :-)

Barbecue pork rib, roasted beef, and grilled chicken.  Scrumptious!
Also, ozoni - chicken, vegetable soup with rice cake was served.

After enjoying the feast, we enjoyed several board games and cards.
Especially, I enjoyed " KakerLarkenPoker" or in Japanese, " cockroach poker" :-)



Happy New Year ! 2014's Start. Japanese New Year Dishes

Happy New Year to YOU!   It's again, Japanese new year dishes..... and ozoni... chicken and vegetable soup w/ rice cake.

Wishing you all a fruitful, happy, healthy 2014!    The above was January 2.
Usually, I start eating this OSECHI or new year dishes on Jan. 1, but this year, I visited OSS Cafe and enjoyed MEATUP ( instead of meet up :-)) osechi.

Will show you those meat dishes later.  I kept eating this OSECHI and now....the leftover is this small.  Finally I finished up !