Christmas 2013

In December, generally Japanese people are busy with so-called bonenkai, or year end party in which we usually get together with business associates, colleague or friends etc.etc.....

I had several dinner gatherings...... several nice places and dinners I enjoyed, which I will write about later.

One of the places was interesting... owned by first lady.... prime minister's wife, Mrs. Abe.  So, look forward to it!

Last night, I went to my alma mater to join their Christmas.  Looking back of my schooldays ( middle school and high school total 6 years ), the school always gave us a piece of Christmas cake.  The cake is usually shortcake.  It is packed in a mini box and we bring it home and eat.  Sort of small gift from school.

Then the other day, when I was having dinner with my American friends, I heard that there is no Christmas cake in the U.S. or there is no custom eating that.

Oh, I see.  Eating shortcake or fresh cream decorated cake with some strawberries on the top is very Japanese.  :-)

I would love to hear about your dessert situation at Christmas dinner table and the culture in your country.

In the meantime...... Merry Christmas!    Wishing you a merry, heartwarming Christmas or Happy Holidays!

Christmas Tree in the middle of High School Yard