Shimokitazawa & other places ---- I would recommend these for visitors

Lately, I am asked about recommendations in my town or any other areas in Tokyo.  There are tons of restaurants here.... so selected Japanese Cuisine this time.  

This is a quickly made listing.  Hope this will be a help of some visitors here.
I hope I can add more restaurants gradually.

☆ Shimokitazawa 下北沢 しもきたざわ

Nanakusa 七草(ななくさ)  Japanese / Vegetable  $$-$$$ 

I would recommend this place especially for women.  Carefully prepared dishes are beautiful, yet healthy and light.  Small place.  Be sure to make a reservation in advance. 

Rokkoyo 六古窯(ろっこよう)Japanese / Seafood / Sake & Shochu  $$

I enjoy talking to the owner couple.  Always very nice. 
Small, cozy place serve dishes with traditional Japanese tableware, which have rustic texture.   Great food and comfortable setting.

You will also enjoy the illustration drawn on the menu, which the Miya-chan ( the wife ) painted. 

Kogi 古城(こぎ)Japanese / Various / Sake etc.  $$-$$$
Close to Rokkoyo.  This place is also ran by a couple. Great food. 
My friend's friend is the owner.

Uoshin 魚真 (うおしん) Japanese / Seafood etc. / Sake etc...   $$

If you love seafood and would like to enjoy reasonably, this is the place.
Always packed.

Kazaman-chi ( meaning the house of Kazama ) かざまん家 かざまんち
Japanese / Seafood etc...../ Sake etc.  $$


Niigata cuisine with delicious sake. I was shocked because their steamed white rice was sooooo good.

Tsuge 都夏(つげ)Japanese / Various Kinds of Food /Sake & Shochu $$
Casual Japanese place which is set in two story ( originally perhaps somebody's house ) building.  Various dishes, reasonable price. 

Gyutan TanTan牛タンたんたん  Japanese / Beef Tongue & Vegetable / Wine & Sake  $$
I visited their place today after a long interval.  The reason is we had crazy summer this year, while the weather was so hot, I didn't feel like eating grilled tongue or stew.

Eki 駅(えき)Japanese / Yakitori / Shochu & Beer  $-$$ 
Casual Yakitori place is not so beautiful!  More like diner or hole in the wall place has tasty, juicy Yakitori and easy on the purse. 

Shirubee 汁べえ (しるべえ)Japanese/ Various Dishes/ Sake etc. $$

Casual place makes you feel like visiting your friend's place since you need to take off your shoes.  

Marusan Foodsまるさんフーズ (まるさんふーず)Healthy Japanese / Vinegar Drink / Sake, Beer & Wine $$

They have long listing of vinegar drinks, so you have to try if you visit them.  Food here is mostly traditional Japanese. 

Sushikohすし好 (すしこう)Sushi / Sake etc….$$-$$$

Not cheap, yet not expensive, just right.  Good sushi place. 

Katsuyoshi かつ良 (かつよし)Pork Cutlet & Fried Oyster / Sake etc. $$-$$$

Located in the basement, they have been in town for a long time.
Cutlet is good, but their fried oyster is  big and delicious! 

Senmaya 千真野 (せんまや)Japanese / Sake etc.  $$$

They serve Kyoto style Japanese.  Young kids wouldn't come in here.
Quiet, small restaurant.  Once I had a business dinner here. 

Matsu 松 (まつ)Japanese / Sake etc.. $$$

Another high quality Japanese.  Cozy hidden place. 
Fuhjin 風神 (ふうじん)Japanese / Seafood etc.. / Sake etc..$$-$$$
I have not been to this place yet.  A grouemet lady mentioned this as one of the recommended places in this town, so let me add this.

Nodaiwa 野田岩(のだいわ)Japanese / Eel / Sake etc. $$$
(This is their group website. )
Shimokitazawa Shop is located behind FOODIUM, the supermarket building which has UNIQLO.  Actually, I have not tried this one in Shimokitazawa, but tried their HQ in Azabudai, which was delicious.

Dashin Soan 打心蕎庵(だしんそあん)Japanese / Soba/ Sake etc.  
Almost 10 min. walk is a worthwhile, you would feel after enjoying their soba and the decor.  Sophisticated nice place in front of Kitazawa Hachimangu ( Shrine ) can be found in a residential area of Shimokitazawa.  

☆Mt. Takao  高尾山 たかおさん

うかい鳥山 $$$

I love this place.  Beautiful setting in Takao Mountain area. 
Consisting of old villas, you can enjoy private dining in a quiet Japanese room. 

☆Higashikitazawa + Ikenoue 東北沢+池ノ上 ひがしきたざわ+いけのうえ 

Ikenoue  Koan 池ノ上 壷庵 (こあん) $$-$$$

Located one minute from Ikenoue station.  Right above the ATM of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.  I didn't notice this place for a while.  Great place for both lunch and dinner. 

☆Yoyogi Uehara 代々木上原 よよぎうえはら

☆Shinsen 神泉 しんせん
Kaikaya 開花屋 (かいかや)Japanese/Seafood etc. / Sake& Wine etc..
When I was with a TV company, my boss, who was British used to love this restaurant.  Great seafood, friendly staff, bistro or pub like ambiance.  

☆Asakusa 浅草 あさくさ Japanese / Loach / Sake etc… $$-$$$
Komagata Dojo 駒形どぜう(こまがたどじょう)
Loach might sound like too exotic, but if you like eel, it is similar. 
The flavor or cooking method is totally different though.

Put a lot of chopped green onion and ginger.