BARBARA MARKET PLACE ----Shin Marunouchi Bldg.

 I have tried BARBARA in Shinjuku.  This was the first time to try this Barbara...located in the basement of Shin Marunouchi Bldg.....near Nijubashimae Station or Tokyo Station.

The occasion was monthly meeting with my business associates and lunch.

Drink bar is conveniently located near our table, so we had variety of drinks to choose from.... all included in the lunch price, which is 1,050 yen.

We were sitting inside first, then two more arrived, so moved out to the open space outside.  ( good for 5, 6 people's meeting!)

I ordered grilled curry plate..... with vegetables and seasoned ground meat.  It was tasty.  Not salty, but the flavor was a bit strong for me.  

That is probably my excuse, for I ordered dessert pancakes .... smaller than regular size...300 yen :-)

Pancakes are still popular in Tokyo... several foreign pancake shops are here.... still hard to get in.

Next time, I will talk about them.   I wish I had more time to wait in the long lines!