Mini Fasting..... trying out the idea learned from NPR Article

Breakfast of 2nd day of Mini Fasting
This morning breakfast.  Yes, light.  or lighter than usual.

I probably haven't told you that I started mini-fasting or two days a week fasting.

The original article is here on NPR.

mini fasts 2 days a week Diet Plan

I guess this is my WEEK 3.  I don't look fat, but I know there is some kind of unnecessary meat around my waist.  :-)

If I could loose 4 more kilograms, I would feel comfortable.

Yes, this current weight is not the best, I think the body knows.  It feels a bit heavy, not comfortable enough, which I feel, for example, when I climb up stairs.

I just had very light soba noodle lunch.  Will probably not eat till tomorrow morning.  If it is everyday, too hard and this is not sustainable, but this is just two days a week.  It feels OK and gives my daily diet plan a sort of feeling of tension, meaning I become more careful about what to use, buy or try not to waste food I bought.

Let's see how it works.  What I expect is not just weight loss.  A sense of good feeling..... total wellness or well-being.