Noodles appear often in this crazy heat.

Somen Noodle
This is today's lunch.  Somen noodle, often eaten in summer.  Topping is diced steamed chicken breast, diced cucumber, grated daikon radish.  A piece of pickled plum.  

Somen can be cooked in 2 min., which is helpful, because in this hot weather, you don't want to cook too long in the kitchen.

The heat has come back here...... almost 40 degrees Centigrade or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than our body temperature.

I had one lesson to teach this morning.

The weather forecast had predicted that record heat would come.....yes, I had decided to stay in the co-working space after the lesson.

Worked on some preps, after that, I enjoyed reading staying in cool air-conditioned library.

At the moment, I am reading " The Age of Miracles".  Riveting.  Cannot put this down.  Will write again when I finished reading it.