Tokyo Jamii in Yoyogi Uehara --- Look at Beautiful Mosque

Visited Tokyo Jamii, Japan's Largest Mosque in Yoyogi Uehara for the First Time and Had Turkish Iftar Feast

Iftar @ Tokyo Jamii
In a way, I am typical Japanese.   When somebody passed away, we hold Buddhist's funeral.

I went to a Christian school for Jr. High, Sr. High and college.

In new year, I go to Japanese shrine wishing happy  and prosperous year.

It is like balancing all the religion and philosophy.

It does not mean we do not respect Islams and/or Christians....  Hope you understand this.

I always wanted to visit this mosque, which is showing its beautiful tower near Yoyogi Uehara station. ( Odakyu & Chiyoda Line )

During Ramadan ( right now ), they treat the visitors ( if you get there before 7p.m. you can probably get your plate.) with this Iftar.

I didn't expect this much.  It was wonderful.  There was also drinks ( orange juice and water ), salad to be served to individuals, pastry and slices of bread.

There were so many people.  I went with three other friends and in order to let make seats for the people waiting in line, we need to leave quickly, but if I have chance, I would love to learn more about Islam.

The reason?  I feel it is sad that often there are wars because of the difference in beliefs.  Understanding other culture could help mutual understandings.

I know many people say there is only one god in Christianity and also in Islam.
Also, it is more profound and not so simple.  Still, this is my attitude.... trying to learn more.

If you are interested visiting this mosque during Ramadan, please check this website.

Iftar @ Tokyo Jamii