Hospice --- Eating Your Favorite Food before Dying

I just saw interesting TV program on NHK tonight.

What is your favorite food?  What is your memory on that food?

The program was introducing a new approach to the very last days of the dying who is suffering from terminal illness.

I realized again how important food is in our lives.

It is something we gain nutrition, but more than that.... it is something that gives us mental energy to get going and make us happy.

Several patients were introduced.  One gentleman requested mackerel sushi.  The hospital prepares these requested meals within a day..... to meet their deadline....literally deadline.....try to make them eat it before it is too late.

This Mr. A couldn't eat enough when he was young..... it was right after the war.
There weren't enough food for ordinary people.  He kept working, still the life wasn't easy.  In the tough life, mackerel sushi was something he could afford and enjoy.  He often ate it..... then became his favorite.  There were 4 pieces.... he says, " I didn't think I could eat them all..... but I did! "

Another couple..... the husband is dying..... he cannot eat much, but he requested Sukiyaki.  The hospital prepared Sukiyaki for two people in hotel like setting..... it looks like a tatami room ( Japanese style ) and Japanese inn.

The couple enjoyed Sukiyaki dinner, although the husband couldn't eat much.
His wife apologized " Sorry, I've kept eating.... while you cannot eat much." The husband says " Don't worry.  Eat, eat!  Eat well. "  He died shortly after that.  Their last shot of eating Sukiyaki is heartwarming.  Both smiling.