KAISO ---- Bakery in Shimokitazawa ( Chazawa Street )

You can eat here, there are a small table, but mainly, this is the place to shop and take them out.    This tiny, a retro shop across from Bamiyan  ( franchised Chinese restaurant) is my new finding.

It has the nostalgia for good old days..... a mini bench, a mini table and two small chairs.

Their bread tastes rich, not butter rich, but you can feel their time consuming, careful preparation on your tongue.

Yummmmm.  It is a 7 min. walk from the station.
Exit south, walk through between McDonald's and game centers, shops...... keep on walking.  When you hit Chazawa Street ( meaning the road connecting Sangenjaya and Shimokitazawa ) , turn right.  Stay on the road.  You will find Bamiyan on your left and soon, the shop will be on your right.