Benham no Koma, Shimokitazawa --- Wine Bar or 2nd shop of Jukuseishitsu

Do you know Benham's Top?  I just came back from Benham's Top.
Benham's Top, Shimokitazawa

There are so many bars on Ichibangai lately.... or 1st Avenue of Shimokitazawa.

Unfortunately, I just had an urge of having a few glasses of wine after work and went over there, so didn't have smart phone or camera......( I grabbed my wallet and walked over..... 3 min. walk )  

Next time, I will take some pics and show you.

Small, cozy bar ran by two women....the shop has only several counter seats and a few more by the wall.

Flavor cheese, crackers ( buckwheat, cilantro, plain etc... ) etc.....

Good wines...... I had two glasses of Richaurd someone...  ( organic wine.... from Cotes due Rhone ) and flavored cheese with crackers.

Cozy.... so relaxing.  I met a nice woman who is an editor.  I enjoy this kind of encounter.... I've been in content business and handling language, so there was something common we could share..... she loves eating, drinking.

We exchanged business cards and I hope we can get together at Benham's Top again.

Why they named this place " Benham's Top"?  They hope.... depending on the situation or the person, the shop looks different or the shop can be flexible to meet the expectation.

Will try to take a pic next time.  I promise.